Houreka! It is a platform type Marketplace developed to measure and completely on the web. It supplies businesses in the gastronomic sector and can be downloaded as a PWA (similar to an app format). It has a wide network of suppliers in the field.

We did

MVP Challenge

Houreka.cl was built as a Minimum Viable Product for the Kapp startup (which changed its brand in the process). It was necessary to set up a base marketplace with programmed modifications to allow flows and characteristics tailored to the business.


A Marketplace platform works like a multi-vendor store. Each provider can register and manage their products (with moderation of the site administration) and customers can buy from different providers receiving their products in independent offices.

bespoke features

Some of the custom developments for this platform were: system connected to API for payment type available in each case, mailing with flow modifications, integration of filter system by category and custom category bar. Among others.

Winners Start-up Chile BIG4

With MVP developed and business model tested, Houreka! applied along with 750 enterprises from Chile and Latin America to the Start-up Chile program, being among the 38 selected for the program in its fourth generation. Congratulations Hourek!

WEB Migration 2020

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Custom Development



Custom Development