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Client healthy with me
Year 2021
Valentina created Sano Conmigo to facilitate access to healing therapies, courses, programs and workshops and thus deliver simple and effective tools for physical, mental and spiritual well-being. He came to Pckz because he definitely needed something "tailor-made" since each of their products has different characteristics. There are 3 users on this platform: in addition to the Admin, therapists can enter their own portal where they configure their available schedules and find the information and courses they must teach. Finally, anyone with an email can create their user in Sano Conmigo and buy the different products to find all the information on their dashboard, schedule appointments and follow the videos, downloadable material and audio of the online courses. All sessions integrated with Google Calendar and Meet. In addition to being a practical platform, easy to use and full of valuable information, we recommend Sano Conmigo because the selection of topics, therapists and material was just as personalized and exhaustive. A high-quality product available to everyone in times of great need to promote mental and physical health.

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