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Client pckz
Year 2012
The best game for parties! * * * TOP 1 Free AppleStore App * * * * * * TOP 1 Sales in 14 Different Countries in the AppStore * * * * * * Over 3,000,000 Installations! * * * * * * Over 500 games that will light up any party with friends * * * Tomanji is the ultimate party game! Playing it is easy, you just need to want to have fun. Tomanji is a turn-based game in which each player will have to complete one of the more than 500 tests that can be challenges, games, gifts, rules, punishments, among many others. Tomanji is an essential game to have in all your party, it is perfect for the previous ones and will make your night unforgettable (or vice versa) More than 10 years of experience means that you can trust your party in our game :^)

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