PRTAL is the revolutionary digital solution that connects professionals and companies with potential clients around the world. With innovative features and a user-centric approach, PRTAL is changing the way professionals do business online.

We did


PRTAL is a milestone in our journey of innovation and user-centered design. This digital platform is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate and improve the way professionals and companies offer their services. As experts in software development, we understand the challenges and opportunities in the digital economy. So we set out to build a tool that could take advantage of these elements effectively and efficiently.

Design: Sprint Design

Our PRTAL creation process began with an intensive Design Sprint, a methodology focused on driving creativity, innovation and solving complex challenges in a limited time. The Design Sprint became the perfect space to quickly experiment, design, prototype and test our ideas, allowing us to shape PRTAL in the most effective way possible.

During this Sprint, we brought together a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, strategists, and industry specialists to dive into the problem and generate potential solutions. Through brainstorming, sketching, discussion, and proof of concept, we were able to condense a shared vision of what PRTAL could and should be. The result was a solid and user-focused prototype, which became the basis for the development of PRTAL.

Software Development Process

Once our Design Sprint is complete, we move into the development stage, where we use cutting-edge technologies to turn our ideas into reality. We chose Nuxt.js, a high-performance JavaScript framework, to build the PRTAL user interface. The choice of this technology allowed us to create a powerful, fast and secure web application, capable of offering an exceptional user experience.

As part of the program Startup Chile, we had the opportunity to work with a support network and invaluable resources that helped accelerate development. AWS (Amazon Web Services) was used to provide a reliable and scalable back-end infrastructure for PRTAL, while Stripe was integrated to handle all payment transactions securely and efficiently. The combination of these modern technologies and the supportive environment of StartUp Chile, allowed PRTAL to go from being an idea to a functional platform in an efficient and effective way.

The result

PRTAL is an online business ecosystem that connects professionals from various disciplines with potential clients around the world. Lawyers, architects, design agencies, and other experts can create detailed profiles, showcase their skills and experience, and reach a much broader client base than ever before.

But PRTAL is much more than just a platform. We have integrated a number of innovative features that allow users to manage their projects, receive payments and communicate with clients securely and efficiently. All this while maintaining full control of your personal brand and online presence.

In the development of PRTAL, we focused on offering an exceptional user experience. This is reflected in its intuitive and accessible design, which makes it easy to navigate and use, whether you're looking for a professional to hire or offering your services.

We are proud of PRTAL and how this platform is changing the way professionals do business online. We believe it is a testament to our ability to understand changing market needs and respond to them with innovative and effective software solutions.

Complete control of your proposals/quotes, projects and payments.
The next level for negotiation and communication with your clients

Digital proposal creation module.
Create quotes in less than 5 minutes
We reinvent how to define milestones and payments in the simplest way possible

Digital signature included automatically
Follow up on your proposals/quotes. Check who visited it and from where

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