PRTAL is the SaaS that allows you to create a Customer Portal in less than 5 minutes! This software is a revolutionary digital solution that facilitates communication between companies and improves the experience for their customers. With innovative features and a client-centric approach, PRTAL is changing the way professionals close deals online!

«This digital platform is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate and improve the way in which professionals and companies offer their services. As experts in software development, we understand the challenges and opportunities in the digital economy. So we set out to build a tool that could harness these elements effectively and efficiently."

Pedro Ojeda Aguilar

CEO Pckz

A Customer Portal

A customer portal is a web platform where your customers can access at any time to find out the status of their project, find information about the service, receive updates and make payments. 

design sprint

The first step to create PRTAL was an intensive Design Sprint; a methodology focused on promoting creativity, innovation and solving complex challenges in a limited time. This was the perfect space to experiment, design, prototype and rapidly test our ideas, allowing us to shape the software and define its scope and functionality. 

With different guided dynamics, the team must solve each fundamental aspect of the software to be designed: from how it works, what it does, and how it should look and behave in each situation. 

During this Sprint, we brought together a multidisciplinary team of designers, developers, strategists, and industry specialists to dive into the problem and generate potential solutions. Through brainstorming, sketching, discussion, and proof of concept, we were able to condense a shared vision of what PRTAL could and should be. The result was a solid and user-focused prototype, which became the basis for the development of PRTAL.

«We start with a Design Sprint, a methodology that is recommended when you want to achieve quick results in exchange for a high intensity of work, allowing, through an iteration process, to reach a consensus on the product that will really solve the problems of the users. users. We worked with the founding team and then they themselves had to interview potential users from different fields. This work allowed us to turn that general idea into concrete flows and views»

Matias Stephens Uribe

UX UI Designer

Software development

We use cutting-edge technologies to turn our ideas into reality. We chose Nuxt.js, a high-performance JavaScript framework, to build the PRTAL user interface. The choice of this technology allowed us to create a powerful, fast and secure web application, capable of offering an exceptional user experience.

PRTAL is a custom web platform. At Pckz we assign the equipment according to the technology that we are going to use in each case. All projects begin with a UX-UI Design stage and then move on to Development and finally the Support team accompanies the client during the testing period. 

 «As winners of the StartUp Chile Build call we had the opportunity to work with a support network and invaluable resources. In an unprecedented project and thanks to the talent and commitment of the development team, we managed to develop the MVP in just over four months»

Andrea Guzman Brandt

team leader

Available functionalities


Digital Proposals

Replace that pdf or excel table with an interactive proposal. Personalize your content. 


Receive an email when your proposal has been viewed and review in the history who and from where they have reviewed it.


It has an integrated chat so that your client can comment on what they need. Edit any look fast and easy. 

Digital signature

When your client clicks on accept, they will be able to sign the agreement at that moment without having to hire external services. 



Your customers will receive payment reminders by email on the agreed dates. You can charge by transfer or payment link.


Use the chat to request information or documents and share news. 


All project documentation will be stored on your portal. 


Add your team on the platform so that everyone can manage and participate from the same platform. 

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  3. The portal will be created automatically

A few months after its launch, there are already more than 60 registered users and more than 100 portals have been created with successful transactions for more than $50,000 USD. 

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