WEB Migration 2020
Client WINTERI Architecture
Year 2020
Migration: Keeping the design, the entire site was rebuilt in Elementor, so that it could be easily managed by members of the Winteri team. In this same instance, the responsive mode was configured (adapted to different types of screen), with a differentiated design for cell phones, tablets and desktop computers. Then, the portfolio system was redesigned and developed with its views and filters, and custom developments were added, such as: the QUOTE system, geolocation to show language and foreign currency to those who access from other countries, and a form with multiple options (countries and objective: contact, work with us). The platform was integrated with the hubspot quote templates and Hubspot templates were developed as Winteri Arquitectura required, with the brand's own design and digital signature integration.

Custom Development


Website mobile only

Redesign Flows and interface

Platform for Therapies

inclusive web